Theoretical Paper

Using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as Additional Treatment for Chronic Medical Conditions

Author: Andra Crǎciun
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

The present paper focuses on the utility of applying cognitive-behavioral therapy as support in the case of patients diagnosed with chronic medical conditions, by presenting a series of arguments sustained by the professional literature regarding the fact that psychological interventions can be critical to the success of medical treatment.

Specific cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques such as modifying maladaptive thoughts, changing risky behavioral patterns and the global aim of increasing the feeling of autonomy support chronic patients in adjusting their psychological resources to better cope with their condition.

We support the idea of including psychotherapy specialists in all health care facilities in order to allow the patients to benefit from results such as higher treatment compliance and increased quality of life, developing effective self-management skills, finding resourceful meaning to the present situation. Such intervention offers the potential of helping patients to adjust more easily to the new conditions of life experienced after being diagnosed with chronic illness.

Keywords: cognitive-behavioral therapy, chronic medical conditions, psychosomatic medicine