Research Paper

A Comparative Study Regarding the Efficiency of Applying Hypnotherapeutic Techniques and Binaural Beats in Modifying the Level of Perceived Pain

Author: Stelian Atila Bǎlan, Evelina Valentina Cocoană, Simona Claudia Gabor, Mihai George Gabriel, Raluca Georgiana Vas
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

The present study investigates the efficiency of applying hypnotherapeutic techniques and binaural beats in modifying the levels of pain perception in a sample of young adults. The participants (N=47), aged between 21 and 48 years old (M = 29.65, SD = 8.45) were exposed to three different conditions: experiencing hypnosis, listening to binaural beats and no intervention. The perceived level of discomfort has been analyzed after the painful stimulus was applied using a hemostat. The statistical results have shown that the independent variable had a significant effect on the level of perceived pain (H(2) = 14.48, p < .01.), the participants from both the hypnosis and binaural beats group reporting lower levels of pain, compared to those from the control condition. Moreover, the two applied interventions (hypnosis and binaural beats) seemed to be similar with regard to their efficiency in diminishing the perceived level of pain (U = 99.50, p > .05).

Keywords: hypnotherapeutic techniques, binaural beats, level of perceived pain.