Current and Future Perspectives in Human Resource Management

Author: Petru Mihai Craiovan
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Human Resources management sights the elaboration of personnel policies and also implementing them in the organizational and institutional environment. Modern management comes to emphasize the role of the human factor under the impact of the latest conception related to the organization’s personnel functioning (Wright, & McMahan, 1992). Management, as a process, focuses on reaching certain objectives (purposes) using resources such as: employees, materials, places and given periods of time (Van Der Aalst, & Van Hee, 2004). The resources are defined as inputs of the process and the objectives represent outputs, as the success of good management is determined by the report between such inputs and outputs, which indicate the organization’s productivity (Ballou, & Pazer, 1985). The prognosis of the personnel demand based on showing and balancing previous tendencies must present a set of possible development options of the human resources. So in the future the organization, based on the optimization criteria, chooses the best variant. Nowadays the competition and rivalry we meet in the economic field put implicit and explicit pressure on the organizations in order to develop and introduce new ways of raising the efficiency and effectiveness from the point of view of labor forces.

Keywords: human resource management