Research Paper

Mindsets in Action and Interaction among Music Students

Author: Puiu M. Mihai
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

The main goal of this research was to compare the interaction style of the persons with fixed and growth mindsets, while also taking into account two priming conditions that implied either the activation of a deliberative cognitive processing, or the activation of an implemental one.

The participants were 60 music students who were randomly distributed into 4-member teams (one member for each of the four possible combinations between fixed/growth mindsets and deliberative/implemental ones).

The two categories of mindsets were controlled using a questionnaire that comprised 30 items regarding beliefs and attitudes defining for fixed/growth mindsets, as well as two tasks design to favor the use of the implemental and deliberative mindsets.

The obtained results were consistent with the theoretical framework that defines each of the four types of mindsets, revealing that the participants with fixed mindsets were more inclined to propose less possible solutions, interact lesser with the research assistant and team colleagues, as well as to give up easier to their own ideas, compared to those with growth mindsets. Moreover they were perceived less favorable than their counterparts. On the other hand, the participants primed for deliberative mindsets seemed to interact more often and for longer periods of time with the research assistant, as well as to express more solutions to the task.

Keywords: fixed mindsets, growth mindsets, deliberative mindsets, implemental mindsets, mindset theory of action phase, interaction style