Theoretical Paper

Basic Issues Related to Discrimination and the Psychology of Injustice

Author: Alin Savelie
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Discrimination, stereotyping and prejudice represent important topics that have been intensively discussed and studied within various areas of science, such as sociology, psychology and political science, as they have multiple and serious implications on both micro and macro levels of human functioning, one of the most important practice areas being the social justice.

This article has the purpose of reviewing the basic issues regarding discrimination and its connection to other concepts relevant within the field of psychology of justice, promoting a multidisciplinary perspective upon the subject. The paper starts by explaining the concept of discrimination as it has been defined in the specialized literature, and the way it is reflected at the level of society, along with the effects that follow, the accent being put on its echoes on justice. Thus, the most important themes, principles and theories within the psychology of justice are also approached.

Keywords: discrimination, stereotype, prejudice, psychology of justice