Severe Personality Disorders: Psychotherapeutic Strategies

Author: Diana Mihalcea
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Psychoanalysis and psychiatry represent major areas of continuous interest, both for professionals, especially specialists of psycho-diagnosis, research and psychotherapy but also for amateurs, people open to therapeutic approaches or the study of human personality.

"Editura Trei" publishing, within the collection dedicated to “Psychology-Psychotherapy” proposes among this year's editorial news, a treatise of international reference regarding the above mentioned domains.

The treatise has been conceived through a psychodynamic perspective, and presents therapeutic techniques which are specific to severe pathology, especially borderline and narcissistic, including several clinical illustrations. Otto Kernberg, highly experienced psychoanalyst, also trainer and supervisor, is at the moment professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, known as the author of numerous volumes dedicated to severe personality disorders and organizational psychology.

Within the present-day context of psychoanalysis, the author succeeds to offer highly qualitative theoretical synthesis and nosologic classifications of mental disorders placed at the border between neurosis and psychosis; he also succeeds to integrate the ego psychology and the Kleinian theory among other perspectives regarding object relationships, under a modern theoretical frame, probably one of the most well accepted by contemporary psychoanalysts.

Keywords: psychoanalysis, Otto Kernberg, personality disorder, psychodynamic therapy