The contribution of history of psychology towards its growth as a scientific field

Author: Mihai Aniței
University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Just as knowing one’s own personal roots – both in terms of personal and psychological development and in terms of being aware of the influence of family and peers within the personal becoming, so having knowledge of the development of the field we have activity in guides as through obtaining valuable results. We may take the chance of describing the field of scientific psychology in analogy to the development of the psyche and personality, as in our opinion we are referring to a field which is relatively new in comparison to other scientific areas but which has gained its maturity in an efficient pace.

In our growth as individuals we all experience a developmental phase which is marked by the need of stating our autonomy in thinking and action (Caspi, & Roberts, 2001). Psychology has passed through a similar phase. Even nowadays, during common-sense discussions regarding psychology, a question often interferers – is it truly a scientific field capable of providing information and explanations regarding such a complex matter represented by human nature, and offering the guarantee of following experimental rigors? The present context of psychology is marked by the insights provided by modern approaches such as cognitive psychology (Mandler, 2007).

Keywords: history of psychology, psychology as a science