Theoretical Paper

Multidisciplinary Elements in Approaching Huntington's disease

Author: Alexandra Nicolae
University of Polytechnics, Department of Medical Engineering, Bucharest, Romania

Huntington's disease stands out as one of the most complicated and complex disorders confronted by human beings. The changes and adaptations which it imposes within the affected patients but also their families makes it stringent for specialists - including mental health professionals - to engage their attention and resources to obtaining an as profound understanding of Huntington's disease as possible.

The present paper is a theoretical review which proposes to bring to attention and to promote the idea of multidisciplinary approach of the disease in order to both support the health professionals in their quests of treating their patients but also to inform the people affected about the fact that efforts are being mobilized by scientists in order to understand and solve Huntington's challenges. We should consider, maybe in a greater measure that its hereditary nature manifests in such manner that it increases not only the stress usually associated to the onset itself but also the fear of being a victim of a high probability of losing one's self to Huntington's disease - fear quite persistent among the patients' offspring. Also, we consider this diagnosis to be worthy of extensive research efforts.

Keywords: Huntington's disease, chorea, balance disorder, reduced flexibility, stem cells