Research Paper

Perceived Stress Scale as a Predictor of Professional Behavior and Aspects of Wellbeing

Author: Teodor Mihăilă
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Psychology, Bucharest, Romania

Stress is among the most studied and often mentioned concepts in psychology and continues to be so as it manifests in everyday life a harmful factor upon our health, whether psychological or physical. The present paper approaches stress in relation to the professional environment. Three versions of the Perceived Stress Scale have been applied within a group of 219 participants in order to determine each version’s predictive value in relation to aspects of professional life (such as desire to leave the workplace, absenteeism, turnover, frustration regarding the workplace) but also wellbeing – related aspects (general wellbeing, physical health, experiencing frustration).

Thus, the present paper provides data regarding the predictive value of the three versions of Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) showing that the PSS-14 version is the most valid in predicting the mentioned aspects; also the study provides data describing the relation between stress and negative professional behavior and effects upon wellbeing.

Keywords: stress, professional behavior, occupational stress, wellbeing, work satisfaction.