Research Paper

The relationship between quality of life and perception of happiness

Author: Loredana Elena Proți, Maria-Magdalena Dinescu, Adela Ionela Grigore, Rǎzvan Ştefan Manole, Alexandra Panait-Popescu*, Cristian Iancu**
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania*, Ecological University, Faculty of Psychology, Bucharest, Romania**

Quality of life and happiness was both the subject of several studies over the years, many authors tried to have a better understanding on their role and influence in people's lives. The objective of this study is to investigate to what extent the self-assessed level of quality of life is associated with the subjective way people perceive happiness.

A group of 103 people aged between 21 and 52 years (Mage = 34.67, SD = 9.73) participated in this research. They received for completing two instruments, a scale for assessing the quality of life (The Quality of Life Scale) and subjective happiness scale (SHS) and a demographic questionnaire.

The results have shown that the level of happiness (SHS) could be predicted at a rate of 49.2% through a regression model. Also, significant correlations were found between several subscales for assessing quality of life and happiness level self-reported by the participants. The results come to support the hypothesis of a relationship between quality of life and the subjective way in which people perceive happiness but must be treated carefully, taking into account the limited sample of participants.

Keywords: quality of life, level of happiness, physical and material well-being, relationships with others, social, civic and community activity, personal development and fulfillment.