Theoretical Paper

Adolescent identity statuses

Author: Anca Hluhaniuc
University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology, Bucharest, Romania

Adolescence is regarded as an interpretation of multiple transformations and conditioning that occurs in that period of life. When referring to adolescence we must think about the three essential facets of the individual which are subjected to changes in this period - biological, psychological and social.

Over the years it could be observed that young people face the so-called identity crisis generated by the evolution of society, which became common nowadays compared to reports from the time of Erik Erikson. The forming of the identity, developing self-awareness, building self-acceptance towards their own individuality represents the defining stages of adolescence. In this paper we describe some elements that define adolescence and part of the many changes related to searching and developing an identity.

Keywords: adolescence, identity statuses, development, structure of values, beliefs and vocational lines