Major depressive episode with somatic complaints: A case study

Author: Denisa Maican
Faculty of Psychology, Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Depression is known to be among one of the most common affective disorders associated with personal and functional impairment and with an impact on the general state of health, therefore remaining a subject of interest for both practitioners and researchers. Within the present case of study we start from the most commonly accepted definition of depression namely as a mood basal crash with additional sad and unpleasant, menacing feelings. The severity of its clinical tableau makes it mandatory for us to focus on factors related to the onset of depression – in our case the onset of the major depressive episode. Therefore the impact of cognitive distortions is discussed as an element of the phenomenon. In such cases cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended in order to amend the transient dis-adaptive cognition, both of the patient's and of the family members with the purpose of the acceptance of the disease.

Keywords: depression, major depressive episode, cognitive distortions, cognitive behavioural psychotherapy.