Research Paper

Psychological practice: Personal drivers and experience of becoming a psychologist - A preliminary qualitative analysis

Author: Andra Crăciun
University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology, Bucharest, Romania

The present paper proposes to explore the personal drivers which represent the foundation for opting for a clinical psychology or psychotherapy career. In order to obtain this purpose, six psychology practitioners contributed by responding to an extensive open-answer interview guide with items formulated based on Sussman’s psychodynamic work in 2007 regarding the motivations which lead to the choice of becoming a psychologist. We consider that further research regarding the personal drivers and traits involved in the choice and development as a psychologist is a subject which deserves full attention from both academics and practitioners. The implications of studying this subject and efforts in bringing validity to the findings are expected to be relevant on multiple levels: for future psychologists, for the general public and last but not least, the use of similar interviews as the one presented in the present paper is a valuable instrument for supervising programs.

Keywords: psychological practice drivers, psychologist portrait, psychodynamic theory