The comorbidity of depression and anxiety

Author: Ruxandra Răşcanu
University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

The studies over the presence of an anxiety disorder and depression have shown that there are difficulties in separating these states or disorders. Currently, it is established a distinction between the symptom of anxiety and the depression symptom. The latter is made mostly from a particular quality of provision, whose central element is given by the suffering, may be regarded as a pathological sadness. The real ambiguity of the relationship between the two phenomena does not appear from the particularly content, but from the fact that the term of depression may be interpreted both as a symptom and a syndrome. The presence of anxiety can be so great that causes us to neglect the existence of depression that can sometimes be hidden and masked.

The biochemical researches, demonstrating the possible use of anxiolytics, beta-blocking allow approaching these disorders through an extensive insight. On the other hand, the psychotherapeutic interventions especially in the area of cognitive-behavioral come with sustained scientific solutions in terms of improvement and healing of those conditions/disorders through the establishment of behavioral activation and the use of relaxation techniques and hypnotherapeutic methods.

Keywords: depression; anxiety