An overview of eclectic intervention in emotional disorders. A case study

Author: Laura Butiuc
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

In clinical practice, the concept of depression describes clinical states and disorders. In this context depression is characterized by strong feeling of moral pain, of uselessness and of devaluation. In psychiatry, the term is used to signify an exceptional state akin to the sadness, unhappiness and anger generated by daily experiences. The case study in the article shows a possible eclectic approach to depression in psychotherapeutic practice. Even if the therapeutic approach combines techniques and methods that belong to different schools of therapy giving apparently a feeling of lack of unity and coherence to the strategy applied in resolving the case, at the level of the deep psyche it makes sense for the client and acquires efficient healing values.

Keywords: depression, emotional disorder, therapeutic metaphor, hypnotic trance