Research paper

Decompensation of the Ego in chronic alcohol consumption

Author: Vasilica Scarlat, Mihaela Andronache, Laura Butiuc, Mihaela Filip, Mara Grigore, Ana Mitran
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Alcohol consumption is associated with numerous healths, behavioral and social problems. Alcohol abuse and addiction can affect all aspects of life. This research aims to explore the relationship between alcohol consumption, life events entered in the psycho-biography of the person and possible decompensation of the Ego in a group of patients. To this end, we collected data about the drinking behavior and its psychiatric, physical, social and relational consequences, and about the history of life events.

The experimental group included 30 participants (26 men and 4 women), aged between 24 years and 70 years, (N=30; Mage= 56.03; SD=11.407) hospitalized and monitored in the Gastroenterology Clinic of SUU Elias with various clinical conditions due to chronic alcohol consumption. The control group consisted of 30 non-clinical people, keeping the criteria of age. Some of the results obtained in the research reveal that life events marked by major crises of life have a significant influence in increasing alcohol consumption in investigated patients.

Keywords: alcoholism, life events, drinking, decompensation of the Ego, patients