Relaxation techniques – a presence in psychotherapeutic interventions

Author: Barbara Crăciun
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Relaxation is one of the psychotherapeutic techniques used to relieve muscle and nerves tension, efficiently improving physical and mental wellbeing by increasing the resistance to stress and also reducing the negative effects of the stress already installed.

“Relaxation” is a generally known word but it is often used and understood as a synonym for inner peace, rest or state of calm (Rinpoche, 2015). The term “relaxation” comes from the Latin word “relaxatio” (release, recreation, relief and peace) and is a nonspecific psychophysiological state of the body that can be reached by systemically and constantly projecting specific exercises developed and intended for that purpose and also by creating ambient conditions which support this state (Holdevici & Crăciun, 2013).

Related research and clinical experience has found that practicing relaxation exercises has beneficial effects, whether we are talking about healthy persons or patients suffering from certain diseases (Benson & Klipper, 1992).

Keywords: relaxation techniques; psychotherapy