Theoretical paper

Aspects of depression in old age

Author: Alina Gruia
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Mental illnesses in old age may occur as a result of changes in family and employment statuses. Changes in family status may include: children leaving the parental home, restricted housing conditions, the abandonment of one’s home in order to live with one of the children, conflicted relationships between generations (misunderstandings with their children or grandchildren), conflicted situations between conjugal partners, death of one’s partner and the related loneliness, reduction in revenue and sometimes the obligation to accept relocating to a care institution for the elderly people (Gubrium, 1990). Depression in the elderly is manifested through negation and hypochondriac ideas and cenesthopathy sensations: mimicking other illnesses, culpability feelings, excessive lamentations, and the most serious form of manifestation is suicide.

Keywords: Depression, elderly person, cognitive and behavioral changes, retirement ages