Archetypal Aspects Regarding Childhood Sexual Assault Trauma. Short Essay.

Author: Crişan Claudia
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Donald Kalsched (2013) supports the idea that the internal response of the psyche to trauma, implying the appeal to an archetypal defense mechanism against emotional and physical pain involved, becomes on one hand a survival system and on the other hand a true inner saboteur which may impede or limit further individual development. Kalsched compares this defense mechanism with the electric panel fuses: when too much electric current passes through, the system takes notice and protects itself (through dissociation and splitting) – the Ego is no longer present, or it is, in an altered form. The traumatic experience will stay “printed” in the psyche, in most part in the subconscious but also stored in the body.

Keywords: childhood abuse, Ego-Self, the internal response of the psyche to trauma, Jungian analysis