The Biotechnology’s importance for society. Consumer’s acceptance of biotechnological products

Author: Nastasia Belc, Claudia Elena Moșoiu, Sorin Corneliu Iorga
National Research & Development Institute for Food Bioresources, IBA Bucharest, Romania

Biotechnology is a very complex field which requires a wide multisciplinarity and that can be the one of the reliable ways to be used for developing several sectors such as: aqua- and agriculture, food industry, pharma industry, medical sector, veterinary medicine field or environment protection sector (forestry, soils, waters). Biotechnology has been used since ancient times for food production and preservation, but only in the last 2 centuries sufficient new knowledge has been accumulated in order to establish biotechnology as a specific field of expertise and competence. Green (agriculture), red (medical), white (industrial) and blue (water) biotechnologies are used for obtaining energetic, agricole, pharmaceutic, food and environmental protection products based on the microorganisms potential through genetic engineering techniques and their derivates such as microbian enzymes, by specialists having knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, informatics technology and nanotechnologies. The biotechnological products should be accepted by consumers (industrial, from agriculture or individuals) in order to be further marketed.

Keywords: biotechnology, biotechnological products, cells, microorganisms, DNA, gene, acceptance