Research Paper

The Relation between Quality of Life, Body Image and Anxiety among Dietary Supplements Consumers

Author: Manuela Răscol
National Research & Development Institute for Food Bioresources, IBA Bucharest, Romania

Research suggest that insatisfaction regarding body image and anxiety can often be associated with a negative perception of one’s quality of life. The present study tried to investigate the quality of life, body image and anxiety variables on a sample of 30 participants who consume dietary supplements by self-administration. The assessment tools for quality of life (QOLS, Burckhardt & Anderson, 2003), body image dimensions (MBSQR, Cash, 2000) and anxiety (HAM –A, Hamilton, 1959) were administered in two stages: one initial stage (pre-test) and a three months follow-up (post-test). Results suggest that people who report a low level of quality of life are less content with their body images. Also scores obtained for the anxiety variable are higher among these subjects in the initial stage compared to the three months follow-up. The selection criteria for these participants were related to the presence of self-administered food supplements with calming effects. We consider that additional research is necessary in order to clarify the relation between the quality of life, body image and anxiety among people who consume food supplements.

Keywords: dietary supplements, quality of life, body image, anxiety