Theoretical Paper

Approaches to Antisocial Personality Disorder, Substance Use and Violence

Author: Mădălina Maria Șpaur
Transilvania University of Brașov

As antisocial personality disorder is getting more often diagnosed, more solid treatment basis should be constructed and in a more widely manner considering that this disorder is accompanied by worrying complications such as substance use and violence. At the present time treatment for this group of patients is extremely limited along with long-term monitorizing, and very few therapeutic approaches have been discovered to be effective. We are more likely to observe contradictions than specific guidelines in this matter. Diagnosing and treating antisocial personality disorder are profoundly affected by comorbid disorders such as substance use and violent behavior. Such issues both complicate the therapeutic process and make the clinicians embrace a negative perspective regarding the possibility of recovering these patients.

Keywords: Antisocial personality disorder, violence, comorbidity, substance use