Theoretical Paper

Creativity as a Therapeutic Strategy Applied in Improving Well-being among Mentally Ill Patients

Author: Ana Victoria Tîrsan
Transilvania University of Brașov

The present paper proposes to emphasize the beneficial effects of creativity upon the well-being of mentally ill patients but also the way it may contribute to improving their symptoms by including the concept in therapeutic strategies. For this purpose creativity is analyzed as included in therapies applied complementary to psychiatric medication both by mental health practitioners and by researchers conducting pilot-studies. The main revealed aspect is the relation between using creative strategies in therapeutic contexts and improving some well-being indicators but not of the general well-being. Thus the issue is raised that such strategies should be adaptive to each involved patient. To this we may add the fact that the clinical and practical efficiency have been so far recorded only on short periods of time.

Keywords: Creativity, therapy, mental illness, well-being, longitudinal assessment