Theoretical Paper

Shopping Addiction

Author: Ioana Simion
Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Shopping addiction is a subject studied for many years and yet still not clearly understood by people. Compulsive buyers are afraid that they are blamed for their behavior. This article clarifies some aspects regarding the types of buyers: classification according to their awareness and acceptance, and also according to the stimuli that cause them to buy. Gender differences are highlighted, implying that women buy compulsively to ensure emotional comfort, while men refer to the characteristics and utility of purchases. These people experience various negative effects at all levels of life, which makes them feel anxious, nervous, depressed, guilty, etc. Various triggers that stimulate one to buy are described: situational, cognitive, interpersonal, physical and affective. The most important part, in the structure of this article, is given by the last chapter, in which effective methods, which can be applied in order to heal the addiction of shopping are presented.

Keywords: Oniomania, Gender differences, repetitive manifestation, personality changes, cognitive restructuring