The Input of “Blade Runner” to Psychology

Author: Andra Crăciun
Psychotherapy Private Practice & Transilvavia University of Brașov, Romania

The year “Blade Runner” fictionally portraits is already here so on this occasion, the present paper proposes an analysis of the movie – this time from a psychological perspective. The intention is to remind about the essential themes that are played with in “Blade Runner” such as self-quest and individuality, parenthood - its alterations and their consequence, the life-essential need of accessing and expressing one’s emotions in order to fully develop as a human – as they all are significant parts of human development and psychotherapy. “Blade Runner” even shows how modern psychology can benefit from the Replicant metaphor in relating to specific types of psychological structures in order to minimize the damaging effects of rigid labeling and diagnosing. Also, we consider that in a way, the 2019 of “Blade Runner” is not so far from the emerging dystopia of today (considering social attitudes to expressing emotions, social roles opposing to personal identity, commercial invasion and nature’s rarity to extinction), making the movie even more relevant to who we are today.

Keywords: Blade Runner, movie analysis, movies and psychology, archetypes, human nature, emotional development