Editing guide

The following guidelines are dedicated to the authors who wish to submit research or theoretical papers to Romanian Journal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis.

All submissions are evaluated through a process of double blind peer review in order to be published in the journal’s issue that corresponds to the period of submission (for more details, please visit the submission section).

The contributors are required to follow the editing instructions presented below. Otherwise, the submissions will not be accepted for publication. The papers that don’t meet these requirements are sent back to the authors in order to be corrected in a specified period of time.

General guidelines

  • The articles must be written in English.
  • Authors for whom English is a second language are recommended to have their papers checked by a professional English speaker before submission, in order to improve their English spelling.
  • The submission of the papers is exclusively electronic, via email to the following address: contact@rjcbth.ro.
  • The requested file types for the manuscripts are .doc or .docx.
  • The length of the papers should not exceed 20 pages. The accepted minimum number of pages is 3.
  • Each paper should have up to six keywords that best describe the addressed issues.
  • All authors should include their full names and affiliations on the first page of the manuscript, below the title of the paper. The affiliation should be the one where the research was conducted.
  • At least one author should be identified as the corresponding author by writing a valid email address and phone number on the bottom of the first page of the manuscript, after the keywords.
  • All papers must reflect a rigorous accordance with the ethical principles of psychologists. For a thorough presentation of the ethical code please consult the American Psychological Association’s official page.

The settings for the Word document

Download RJCBTH Template and check the following guidelines:

  • Page layout:
    • page orientation: portrait;
    • all-around margin of 1”(2.5cm);
    • header from top & footer from bottom 0.3”;
    • page size: A4;
    • one column;
    • page numbering: bottom, right;
  • Text: font Times New Roman, size 12pt, line spacing: Exactly 18pt;
  • Title of the paper: capital letters, font size 14pt, bold, center alignment;
  • Name of the authors: capital letters, bold, center alignment;
  • Author’s affiliation: capital letters, font size 10pt, italic, bold, center alignment;
  • Abstract: italic letters, justified alignment;
  • Titles of the sections: bold, uppercase letters, center alignment;
  • Second order titles: capital letters, bold, indentation: first line 0.5”;
  • Third order titles: capital letters, bold, indentation: first line 0.5”;
  • Use Roman numerals listing style for the titles of the main sections and Arabic numerals listing style for the subtitles of the sections (e.g. by levels: 1., 1.1., 1.2., 1.2.1., 1.2.2. etc.)
  • Paragraphs: normal letters, justify alignment, tab 0.5”;
  • References: hanging by 0.5”;
  • Tables: centered, font size 10pt;
  • Leave a 14pt space before and after the title of the paper;
  • Leave a 12pt space:
    • after the author's affiliation;
    • between each section of the paper.
  • Leave a 10pt space after:
    • all first order titles;
    • all second order titles;
    • all tables and figures.

Style guidelines

  • Romanian Journal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis is a journal that promotes high quality scientific papers that comply with the standards established by the American Psychological Association. Therefore, the contributors are invited to use the 6th edition of the APA manual, as a guide in preparing and writing their manuscripts.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the authors should accurately present the theoretical statements and research results, using a concise scientific academic style that makes possible a clear understanding of their results and ideas.
  • The research papers should be organized using the following headings if possible: Abstract, Introduction, Methods (Participants, Measures and Procedure), Results, Discussion and References.
  • The structure of the theoretical papers is flexible, depending on the discussed themes. Though the following sections are necessary: Abstract, Introduction, Conclusions and References.
  • The length of the papers’ sections is not fixed to a specific number of words or rows. The only exception to this rule is made by the Abstract section which should have a maximum length of 250 words.
  • Thus, the general recommendation is to use the lengths that are the most appropriate for the specific type and theme of each paper. Moreover, the papers should be well-proportioned (ex: the theoretical framework should not be much longer than the methodology section; the abstract should not be much longer than the discussion and conclusions section etc.).
  • The tables and figures should be incorporated into the main text, in order to sustain, resume or clarify the written issues and to facilitate the understanding of the text.
  • Also, the authors should include only the relevant statistical material and make sure not to omit some important statistical data.
  • The references must be written according to APA rules of citation and must consist of all publications that were used within the paper.