Paper submission

Step 1

Please check the dates below. The submission for our journal is continous but your paper will be published according to these dates, depending on the results of our evaluation procedure.

25th-30th March

25th-30th June

25th-30th September

25th-30th December

Step 2

Prepare your manuscript considering the ethical code of psychologists, our guidelines listed on the Editing Guide section, as well as the ones stated in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition .

Step 3

Read the copyright conditions.

Step 4

Download and complete the RJCBTH Publishing Agreement.

Step 5

Print the completed form and sign it by hand.

Step 6

Send the Word document version of your paper and the scanned agreement form, to our email address: .

Step 7

You will receive our acceptance response along with the evaluation form of your article, within a maximum period of 2 weeks starting from your submission date.
Our main evaluation criterions are the scientific quality of the paper and the quality of the writing style. For more details, please consult the pdf version of the RJCBTH Evaluation Form.

Step 8

If your paper is accepted with the necessity of making some changes to the original manuscript, please send back your corrected version of the paper, within the deadline indicated in our feedback message.

It is your responsibility to apply the requested changes on time. Otherwise, your article will not be published in our journal.